When dealing with an air conditioning repair or possible replacement, always seek the services of licensed and certified HVAC Contractors who are heavily experienced in carrying out air conditioning repairs and replacement across all types of brands and systems.

When it comes to installation or repair of air conditioning equipment trust only licensed HVAC contractors.

Hiring only certified HVAC repair contractors will ensure that repairs are carried out efficiently, safely, and for the long term. Unscrupulous individuals or “companies” peddling their services as expert air conditioning repair contractors, do not really have the appropriate training and equipment to safety carry out troubleshooting and major repairs of home air conditioning systems. 

More alarming is that they do not have insurance and bonds that protect homeowners should an accident happen while the repair service is being carried out. And in case something goes wrong with the unit after the servicing, the homeowners may not possess a warranty that would compel the “contractor” to carry out additional service to rectify the malfunctioning air conditioner, or worse replace it if they have accidentally damaged the unit. 

Another reason not to have unlicensed contractors service one’s air conditioning unit is the possible security risk. No one would like to hire someone, and let them work inside the home without knowing if they are honest enough to be trusted to access the home.

Installing a new air conditioning system

Replacement of air conditioning units should meantime be left only to professionals. New air conditioning units should only be installed by licensed contractors who are professionally trained and certified, and are licensed to carry out repairs and installation. A new air conditioning system should be installed correctly to ensure safety and at the same time avoid damage to the equipment.

Wrong installation of a replacement unit can not only damage the equipment, it will also endanger the lives of everyone in the household. It can also cause accidents that can damage the home as well as the personal property of the owners.

When hiring an HVAC Repair or installation contractor, make sure that they are licensed and certified. Ask for their identification card with photo, plus license number and verify the information through the Contractors State License Board. There is a portion in the CSLB website where the licenses of contractors can be verified. 

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