Common Air Conditioner Issues

The home air conditioning system does not need to be maintained month after month to function well, but like any other home appliance, it may need to be inspected on annual basis. Periodic maintenance checks are crucial to ensure that the air conditioning unit is working at its top condition and is not consuming more power than it should, driving higher electric bills.

Most functional issues of air conditioning units redound to lack of periodic maintenance.

For homes that fail to carry out professional periodic maintenance inspection for their air conditioning units, it can be very likely that they will encounter issues sooner or later. Here are some of the most common air conditioner issues encountered by homeowners and their possible fixes:

1. Not cooling enough. This may most likely mean that there is not enough refrigerant in the system then the air conditioner will not cool the area as fast as it used to do, or even as cool as it used to. It will also be needing more energy to cool a room, sending electric bills through the roof. The best way to remediate this is to first clean or replace the filters of the indoor unit. Clear the outdoor unit of debris, dust, dried leaves and all. Try if the air conditioning unit’s performance has improved, if not then seek a service call so that it could be professionally checked. Most likely if the unit is 10 years or older it could need a Freon or refrigerant recharge. If not, it could mean that the refrigerant is leaking and needs repair. For units that are nearing edn of life, the leak should make the homeowner consider replacing the unit with a newer and more energy efficient one.

2. Thermostat and Sensor problems. HVAC units can fail due to thermostat and sensor problems. Homeowners should first ensure that their desired temperature is what is reflected in their thermostat, to rule that out and if there are enough power in its batteries. The air conditioning sensor on the other hand may malfunction when it is moved from its ideal position. This could be remedied once the sensor has been carefully returned to place by ensuring that the wire that holds it is flexed back into place.

3. Break down due to lack of maintenance. Dirty fans and coils that are a result of lack of periodic maintenance can cause damage to the air conditioning system. This is because the build- up of dirt and dust makes the filter and could of the air conditioning unit grimy and dirty, making it harder for these parts to work optimally. A thorough professional check can do wonders in addressing this issue.

4. Failure to drain. When the air conditioning unit specifically window and split type air conditioning, have not been properly installed and leveled, it will not properly drain. If it is poorly-maintained, chances are the drainage line will get clogged. Failure to drain causes the unit to malfunction. The best solution is to call a professional to service and professionally clean ther unit.    

Here is a guide on fixing one of the most common air conditioning issues encountered by homeowners, an air conditioner that fails to turn on.